You can earn up to $50 within minutes. Its simple. You sign up to the sites posted and you recieve the assigned amount. What makes me different to other similar sites is that I pay you whatever you get. There is no minimum cashout. You earn $2, you ask for $2, you get $2. Once you have completed an offer write down the code. You can either ask for me to pay you after each offer or if you complete more than one and then request your payment. Here is how you request payment:

You send me an email at With a few key details:

-The offer code/s

-Time and Date Completed


-Paypal Address

To avoid confusion please use same email address for offers as the one you email me with. Offers may be from different countries but I work in dollars.

Bonus Offers:

Free $1 for 10 offers completed

Free $5 for 10 offers completed (including a $20+ offer)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

$35 Per depositing player.

Deposit minimum amount.

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$25 Per Signup

Must deposit minimum amount of $20. Not available for US citizens


$0.30 Per Signup

Sign up for a free account.

Code: C1137

$0.80 Per Signup

Sign up with a valid email address.

Code: C1136

$0.20 Per Order

Order a free brochure.

Code: C1135

$0.50 Per Signup

Signup with valid email address

Code: C1134

$0.30 Per Order

Order a free catalog.

Code: C1133

$0.40 Per Signup

Sign Up to freefivers using a valid email address

Code: C1132

$0.40 Per Signup

Just sign up

Code: C1131

$0.75 Per Signup

Sign up to Glowbay

Code: C1130

$0.50 Per Completed Survey

Complete the whole survey. Takes less than 5 mins.

Code: C1129

$0.40 Per Sign Up

Signup with valid email address.

Code: C1128

$0.10 Per Signup

Sign up with valid email.

Code: C1127

$0.20 Per Signup

Use valid email address on signup

Code: C1126

$0.35 Per Signup

Provide a valid email address

Code: C1125

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Sign up withvalid email address.

Code: C1124

$0.50 Per Signup

Sign up and complete an offer.

Code: C1123

$0.20 Per sign up

Enter a valid email adress.

Code: C1122